Restricted Master Key Systems


Supplied and installed.

Our system provides legal protection against unauthorised manufacture and duplication of keys. A restricted keying system gives greater control of security and keys. Written authorisation is always required to cut keys and carry out new additions to restricted system. All restricted systems can be made to suit your security and key requirements, eg, entry doors, offices, storerooms and padlocks.

We have high quality, patented, mechanical restricted key system. Our unique, patented pinning and sidebar system are an extremely high security system, only available through Locksmiths. In this way customers can be assured that their system is installed by a fully qualified technician. Each locksmith has their own key broach allowing only the designated locksmith to cut your keys.

The full system includes:

  • Oval cylinders to suit Lockwood, Legge and Astra mortice locks (including extended length and holdback style cylinders).
  • Rim and internal cylinders to suit Lockwood and other brand deadlocks and dead latches.
  • Fixed and floating cam profile cylinders Lockset cylinders for Schlage, Carbine and 530 locksets.
  • Cupboard locks and latches cylinders.
  • T&L handles and T&L handle cylinders.
  • Carbine and Abus padlocks cylinders Pushlocks & Camlocks.
  • Sliding aluminum door lock cylinders, keyswitches and roller door cylinders and cupboard locks.